RIIZE Rises as New Faces of ‘Lotte Duty Free Shop’

RIIZE Joins Ranks of K-Pop Elite as Ambassadors for Lotte Duty Free

RIIZE Rises as New Faces of 'Lotte Duty Free Shop'


Emerging onto the scene with a promising start, rookie boy group RIIZE has been announced as the new brand ambassadors for ‘Lotte Duty Free Shop’, a prestigious title held by a lineage of K-pop stars such as TWICE, Stray Kids, and NCT Dream. This endorsement marks a significant milestone for RIIZE, positioning them alongside some of the most influential names in the K-pop industry and furthering their reach to global travelers visiting South Korea.

Lotte Duty Free Shop, known as the go-to destination for luxury shopping for international visitors, has a rich history of partnering with K-pop talent to enhance the shopping experience and attract a wider audience. By welcoming RIIZE into their esteemed roster of endorsers, they continue their tradition of bridging K-pop and the retail world, creating a vibrant and dynamic synergy that resonates with fans and shoppers alike.

As they step into this new role, RIIZE is not just representing a brand; they are carrying the torch of K-pop’s global influence, showcasing the power of music and culture in driving commercial success and international appeal. Meanwhile, fans of RIIZE have even more to look forward to as the group is set to make a comeback with a new emotional pop genre single on January 5, promising to kick off the new year with fresh music and continued growth.

With their new endorsement and upcoming music release, RIIZE is poised to make a significant impact, capturing hearts and turning heads both on and off the stage. Keep an eye on this rising group as they take their next steps into the limelight, embodying the spirited and ambitious essence of K-pop’s new generation.

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