Kino Sets the Stage with ‘If This is Love, I Want a Refund’ Album Teaser

Unveiling the Heartbreak-Themed Tracklist for Kino's Debut Mini Album

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Kino Sets the Stage with 'If This is Love, I Want a Refund' Album Teaser


As Pentagon’s Kino prepares to captivate the music world with his first solo venture, the artist has teased fans with the track list for his upcoming mini album, ‘If This is Love, I Want a Refund’. Scheduled for release on May 2 KST, the album promises to delve into themes of love and loss, underscored by a distinctive musical style.

Revealed through an evocative teaser image, the album will feature a collection of tracks that explore the nuances of romantic disillusionment. The tracks, including “Broke My Heart” featuring Lay Bankz, “Solo“, “Freaky Love“, “Valentine“, and “Fashion Style“, suggest a journey through varied emotional landscapes, each song weaving its own narrative of heartbreak and personal growth.

Broke My Heart” opens the album with a collaboration that is expected to blend Kino’s unique vocal style with Lay Bankz’s dynamic presence, setting a high bar for the album’s emotional impact. The subsequent tracks, from the introspective “Solo” to the bold “Freaky Love“, showcase Kino’s versatility as an artist capable of traversing a broad spectrum of genres and themes.

With “Valentine” and “Fashion Style“, the album shifts to explore the complexities of love with a stylistic flair that is signature to Kino’s artistic persona. Each track is crafted to resonate with fans who have followed his journey with Pentagon and are eager to support his solo endeavors.

As the release date approaches, anticipation builds within the K-pop community for a debut that promises to not only highlight Kino’s vocal and lyrical talents but also his ability to connect with listeners through authentic storytelling. ‘If This is Love, I Want a Refund’ stands poised to make a significant mark on the 2024 music scene, potentially setting new standards for solo K-pop releases.

Kino Sets the Stage with 'If This is Love, I Want a Refund' Album Teaser

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