NCT DREAM (엔씨티 DREAM) is the vibrant and youthful third sub-unit of the renowned boy group NCT. Known for their dynamic performances and relatable music, they stand out as a unique blend of talent and charisma within the K-pop industry.


Debuting on August 25, 2016, under SM Entertainment, NCT DREAM quickly made a name for themselves with their fresh sound and energetic stage presence. Initially following a graduation system, where members would graduate upon reaching adulthood, this was later revised to keep the lineup stable.

Members’ Contribution

The sub-unit consists of seven talented members: Mark, the charismatic leader and versatile rapper; Renjun, known for his sweet vocal tone; Jeno, the powerful dancer and rapper; Haechan, recognized for his unique vocal color; Chenle, a vocal powerhouse; Jaemin, the all-rounder with a captivating stage presence; and Jisung, the maknae who amazes with his dance skills. Each member brings a unique flavor to the group, creating a diverse and engaging musical experience.

Global Impact and Recognition

NCT DREAM has been a hit in South Korea and gained significant international attention. Their music, often dealing with themes of youth and growth, resonates with a global audience, earning them a dedicated fanbase worldwide.


Their fandom, known as NCTzen, signifies that all fans are citizens of NCT, highlighting the inclusive and global nature of their fan community.


Musical Evolution

NCT DREAM’s music has evolved from youthful pop to more mature themes, showcasing their growth as artists.

Global Tours

The group has embarked on several international tours, bringing their energetic performances to fans around the world.

Chart-Topping Hits

Their albums and singles have consistently topped charts, both domestically and internationally.

Social Media Influence

With a strong presence on social media, NCT DREAM engages with fans through various platforms, enhancing their global reach.

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