TWICE Profile

TWICE Profile

TWICE, a name that resonates with K-pop enthusiasts worldwide, has been a dominant force in the music industry since its inception. With their catchy tunes, vibrant performances, and a fandom that spans continents, TWICE’s global appeal is undeniable.


Emerging from the competitive reality show Sixteen, TWICE was sculpted by JYP Entertainment and made a grand entrance into the K-pop scene on October 20, 2015. Their debut was not just a launch of another girl group; it was the birth of a global phenomenon. Their music, a harmonious blend of pop, dance, and R&B, coupled with their distinct personalities, made them an instant hit.

Members’ Evolution

TWICE is a harmonious blend of nine talented women: Jihyo, the passionate leader; Nayeon, with her infectious energy; Jeongyeon, known for her unique voice; Momo, the dance prodigy; Sana, the bubbly charm; Mina, the graceful dancer; Dahyun, the rap sensation; Chaeyoung, the versatile artist; and Tzuyu, the visual magnet. Each member brings her own flair, making TWICE a diverse and dynamic group.

Global Expansion

TWICE’s journey from a rookie group to global icons has been nothing short of spectacular. Their collaboration with Republic Records in February 2020 marked a significant step in expanding their global footprint. With chart-topping hits in various languages and sold-out world tours, TWICE has truly become a global brand.


Once, the official fandom name, signifies the unique bond between TWICE and their fans. It represents the idea that fans will only love TWICE, showcasing the deep connection and mutual admiration. The fandom, known for its dedication and love, has played a pivotal role in TWICE’s journey to stardom.


The Meaning Behind “TWICE”

The name “TWICE” has a dual significance. It means that the group will touch people’s hearts with both their ears (through their music) and their eyes (through their performances).

The Iconic “TT” Pose

TWICE’s song “TT” not only became a massive hit but also introduced the iconic “TT” hand gesture, symbolizing crying eyes. This gesture became a trend and is recognized by many, even outside the K-pop community.

Diverse Backgrounds

While TWICE is a South Korean group, its diversity is notable. Momo, Sana, and Mina hail from Japan, while Tzuyu is from Taiwan. This multicultural blend adds a unique flavor to their music and performances.

Record Breakers

TWICE has set numerous records throughout their career. From achieving the fastest K-pop girl group MV to reach 100 million views to selling millions of albums, their achievements are a testament to their immense popularity.

A Symbol of Empowerment

TWICE’s songs often carry messages of self-love, empowerment, and confidence. Tracks like “Feel Special” and “Fancy” resonate with many, as they talk about embracing oneself and finding one’s identity.

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