ONEWE’s New Beginnings: ‘Planet Nine: ISOTROPY’ and Upcoming Concert

A Deep Dive into ONEWE's Latest Musical Venture

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ONEWE's New Beginnings: 'Planet Nine: ISOTROPY' and Upcoming Concert


Rock band ONEWE has stirred excitement among fans with the unveiling of their latest album poster for ‘Planet Nine: ISOTROPY’. Captured in a mysterious, abandoned setting, the members exude a haunting charisma, instruments in hand, ready to deliver what promises to be a compelling musical performance. The dark and intriguing setting of the poster sets the stage for the album’s lead single ‘Beautiful Ashes’, sparking curiosity about the accompanying music video.

Following a significant hiatus due to the military service of members Yonghoon and Kanghyun, ‘Planet Nine: ISOTROPY’ marks a pivotal return for the band. The album title signifies a thematic commitment to consistency amidst change, suggesting a maturation of their sound while maintaining the essence that fans have grown to love. This new project will feature six original tracks, each contributing to the unique sonic landscape that ONEWE has cultivated.

Scheduled for release on April 17th at 6 PM KST across various streaming platforms, ‘Planet Nine: ISOTROPY’ is poised to be a landmark in ONEWE’s discography. Further heightening the anticipation, ONEWE has also announced their solo concert titled ‘ONEWE 3rd Live Concert [O! NEW E!volution III]’, set for May 4th and 5th. This event will not only celebrate their latest album but also reconnect the band with their audience in a live setting, promising an unforgettable experience.

ONEWE's New Beginnings: 'Planet Nine: ISOTROPY' and Upcoming Concert 002

As ONEWE gears up for these significant events, the fusion of their musical evolution and the deep connection with their fans hints at a new chapter filled with promise and excitement. Fans and new listeners alike are eager to witness the transformation of ONEWE’s artistic journey firsthand.

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