BOYNEXTDOOR Unleashes ‘Earth, Wind & Fire’ in Dynamic ‘Kitsch Core’ Comeback

Exploring the Unique Blend of Styles in BOYNEXTDOOR's Latest Mini-Album

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BOYNEXTDOOR Unleashes 'Earth, Wind & Fire' in Dynamic 'Kitsch Core' Comeback


In a vibrant showcase of creativity and style, K-pop sensation BOYNEXTDOOR has officially released their eagerly awaited second mini-album, ‘HOW?’. The album’s release has been marked by the debut of the music video for their title track, ‘Earth, Wind & Fire’, at 6 PM today. This release also marks the group’s third promotional cycle, introducing fans to a fresh musical dimension characterized by the innovative ‘Kitsch Core’ style.

Global Anticipation Skyrockets

The build-up to the album’s release saw a significant surge in anticipation, with pre-order volumes reaching a remarkable 571,600 copies—a nearly 40% increase from their previous mini-album. The growing global interest was evident as teaser films and track previews rapidly exceeded million views on YouTube, while trending topics related to BOYNEXTDOOR’s comeback flooded social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and Weibo in China.

Deep Dive into the ‘First Love Trilogy’

‘HOW?’ serves as the climactic installment of BOYNEXTDOOR’s ‘First Love Trilogy’, exploring the emotional journey from the exhilaration of first love to the complexities of heartbreak. The album narrates this saga through its lyrically rich tracks, with band members taking an active role in composing and writing, ensuring authentic expressions of youthful emotions that resonate deeply with fans.

The Essence of ‘Kitsch Core’

At the heart of this album is the title track ‘Earth, Wind & Fire’, which lyrically and musically captures the unpredictable nature of love. The track uses natural elements as metaphors for the intense, often tumultuous feelings associated with young love. The ‘Kitsch Core’ concept, a blend of kitsch aesthetics and normcore simplicity, permeates this track, offering a fresh take on the group’s musical identity. This style is visually and sonically reflected in the music video, which features a striking interplay of earthy and cosmic imagery, and in the album’s overall sound, which incorporates elements of hyperpop.

A Spectacular Launch Event

To commemorate their album release, BOYNEXTDOOR will host a special comeback show titled ‘BOYNEXTDOOR TONI3HT’. This event will be broadcast live at 8 PM on the album’s release day, available on multiple platforms including Mnet, M2, and the HYBE Labels’ YouTube channel, ensuring fans worldwide can join in the celebration.

As BOYNEXTDOOR continues to push creative boundaries with their distinctive ‘Kitsch Core’ style, they not only redefine their musical landscape but also strengthen their connection with a global audience eager for their innovative artistry and captivating performances.

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