Red Velvet’s Seulgi Confirmed To Make Solo Debut



Red Velvet’s Seulgi will be making her highly anticipated solo debut!

On September 6, Mydaily reported that Seulgi will be releasing her solo album next month. In response to the report, a representative from SM Entertainment shared, “Seulgi is preparing for her first solo album with the aim of an October release. Please show lots of interest.”

Seulgi made her debut in 2014 as a member of Red Velvet, and the group has released countless hits since then including “Happiness,” “Dumb Dumb,” “Red Flavor,” “Peek-A-Boo,” “Psycho,” and more. In 2019, Seulgi released “Always” for the OST of “The Crowned Clown,” and in 2020, Seulgi and Irene released the mini album “Monster” through Red Velvet’s first sub-unit Irene & Seulgi. Earlier this year, Red Velvet also made a comeback as a group with their mini album “The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm” in March.



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