Red Velvet Profile

Red Velvet Profile


Dive deep into the world of Red Velvet, a captivating girl group that has taken the K-pop industry by storm with their unique blend of music, aesthetics, and charisma. Comprising five talented members, Red Velvet has secured their place as one of the leading girl groups in K-pop.


Debuting on August 1, 2014, Red Velvet, under the banner of S.M. Entertainment, introduced a fresh wave of music that perfectly balances the vibrant “Red” with the refined “Velvet.” Over the years, the group has showcased versatility, ranging from energetic pop tracks to soulful ballads.

Members’ Evolution

The group consists of five members: Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri. Each member brings a distinct style and energy to the group. From their initial days to the present, the members have showcased significant growth in terms of vocals, dance, and overall stage presence.

Achievements and Legacy

Red Velvet has garnered numerous awards and accolades over the years, recognizing their contribution to the K-pop industry. With chart-topping hits and memorable performances, the group has cemented their legacy as true K-pop queens.


The fandom, lovingly known as ReVeluv, has been a constant source of support and love for Red Velvet. ReVeluvs are known for their dedication and passion, ensuring that the group’s music and message reach every corner of the globe.


Dual Concept Explained

Red Velvet’s name captures their dual concept. “Red” signifies their vibrant, upbeat music, while “Velvet” reflects their softer, more sophisticated side.

Diverse Discography

Over the years, Red Velvet has dabbled in various genres, showcasing their versatility. From pop bangers to soulful R&B tracks, their music caters to a wide audience.

Global Impact

Beyond South Korea, Red Velvet has a significant international following. Their global tours and collaborations underscore their worldwide impact.

Yeri’s Addition

Yeri was added to Red Velvet in March 2015, starting with the “Ice Cream Cake” era. Her addition brought a fresh dynamic to the group.

Special Sub-Units

Members of Red Velvet have also been part of special sub-units and collaborations, further exploring different musical avenues.

Distinct MV Themes

Red Velvet’s music videos are known for their unique themes and storytelling. Each video offers fans a visual treat, perfectly complementing the song.

Leader Irene’s Multi-Talents

Besides being the leader, Irene has showcased her talents in acting and television, proving her versatility beyond just singing and dancing.

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