WayV’s ‘On My Youth’ Shatters Records with Stellar First-Week Sales

WayV Triumphs with Record-Breaking Album Sales

WayV's 'On My Youth' Shatters Records with Stellar First-Week Sales


The sensational K-pop ensemble WayV has officially concluded the initial week of sales for their much-acclaimed second album, leaving the industry awestruck with the numbers.

Per the latest figures from Hanteo chart, ‘On My Youth’ made an impressive entrance, selling over 170,000 copies on day one. By the week’s end, the tally had climbed to a whopping 337,634 copies, propelling WayV to new heights in their career as this became the band’s most rapidly selling album to date. This surge in sales effortlessly dethroned their 4th mini-album ‘Phantom’, which previously held the record with 165,000 units in its first week.

Moreover, ‘On My Youth’ made a striking debut on the Circle album chart, securing the No. 4 spot with around 329,000 copies, encapsulating WayV’s growing dominance in the K-pop sphere.

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