WayV Profile

WayV Profile


WayV (威神V, WeiShen V) is the visionary Chinese subunit of the larger South Korean boy group NCT. Managed by SM Entertainment and its China-exclusive label, Label V, WayV has been pioneering the integration of C-pop with K-pop elements since their debut on January 17, 2019. The group’s inception marked a significant milestone as the first NCT unit based outside of Korea, introducing a novel blend of musical styles to the international stage.


The unit’s launch with the single album “The Vision” set a precedent for cross-cultural music production within the SM Entertainment roster. WayV’s formation was a strategic move to tap into the Chinese market while leveraging the K-pop industry’s global appeal.

Members’ Contribution

WayV comprises six members: Kun, the group’s leader and producer; Ten, the main dancer and vocal colorist; WinWin, the performance specialist; XiaoJun, the vocal powerhouse; Hendery, the charismatic performer; and YangYang, the multilingual rapper. Each member brings a unique flair to the group, contributing to WayV’s diverse and rich musical tapestry.

Global Impact and Recognition

WayV has transcended geographical boundaries, garnering a significant following within both the C-pop and K-pop communities. Their music, often infused with both Mandarin and Korean, has resonated with fans worldwide, establishing them as a versatile and globally recognized act.


The group’s fandom, known as WayZenNi, has been instrumental in WayV’s rapid ascent in the music world, echoing the unit’s ethos of unity and diversity through their unwavering support.


Multicultural Ensemble

WayV’s members hail from various cultural backgrounds, including China and Thailand, which enriches their music and performances with a unique international essence.

Distinct Identity

Despite their connection to NCT, WayV has carved out their own distinct musical identity, earning them a dedicated fanbase within the C-pop domain.

Adaptability and Resilience

The group has demonstrated remarkable adaptability, maintaining their upward trajectory even after the departure of member Lucas, showcasing their resilience as artists.

Linguistic Versatility

WayV’s discography spans multiple languages, reflecting their commitment to connecting with fans across different cultures through music.

Chart Success

Their musical releases have consistently charted well, affirming WayV’s position as a competitive and influential force in the global music scene.

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