VIXX’s Leo Captivates in New Concept Photos for Trio Comeback ‘Continuum’

Leo Sets the Stage for VIXX's Elegant Return in 'Continuum'

VIXX's Leo Captivates in New Concept Photos for Trio Comeback 'Continuum'


Marking the start of a new era, VIXX has unveiled the first in a series of concept photos for their 11th-anniversary comeback, entrusting member Leo to lead the visual narrative. The captivating images present Leo in a light that reflects his evolution into a mature idol and a seasoned musician, hinting at the depth and elegance of the upcoming mini-album, ‘Continuum.’

Scheduled for release on November 21 at 6 PM KST, ‘Continuum’ promises a collection of five tracks with the spotlight on “Amnesia” as its lead single. This significant return sees VIXX embracing a trio format, with Leo, Ken, and Hyuk at the helm, while leader N dedicates his time to his burgeoning acting career.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the full suite of teasers as VIXX prepares to deliver their latest artistic vision in ‘Continuum.’

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