VIXX Profile

VIXX Profile


VIXX (빅스), often heralded as the ‘Concept Kings’ of K-Pop, has been a group synonymous with innovation, powerful performances, and a unique artistic vision. Debuting on May 24, 2012, under Jellyfish Entertainment, VIXX has carved out a niche for themselves with their theatricality and storytelling through music. Despite the departures of Hongbin in 2020 and RAVI in 2023, the group continues to shine and evolve, much like the ST☆RLIGHTs they inspire.


From their very inception, VIXX has been crafting a narrative that is distinctly their own. Their debut was not just an introduction of six talented individuals to the world but a promise of a K-Pop experience filled with drama, emotion, and a touch of darkness that had yet to be explored in the industry.

Members’ Contribution

The essence of VIXX lies in the unique contributions of its members: N, the charismatic leader and dance maestro; LEO, whose haunting vocals never fail to stir emotions; KEN, known for his soaring high notes and theatrical expressions; and HYUK, the maknae whose growth as a performer has been a joy to watch. Each member brings a depth and character to VIXX that is irreplaceable.

Global Impact and Recognition

VIXX’s influence extends far beyond the Korean music charts. They have a global fanbase, ST☆RLIGHT, that lights up social media with trends and fan projects. Their conceptual albums and music videos are often discussed in academic circles for their literary and artistic references, showcasing the group’s impact on pop culture.


ST☆RLIGHT (Starlight), the official fandom name, is a testament to the bond between VIXX and their fans. It signifies the light that guides and the mutual illumination between the group and their supporters.


Masters of Concepts

VIXX has been recognized for their unique concepts, often based on literature, mythology, and even horror, setting them apart in the K-Pop scene.

Artistic Evolution

Despite lineup changes, VIXX has continued to evolve artistically, exploring new sounds and stories in their music.

Solo Ventures

The members of VIXX have not shied away from solo projects, with each exploring different musical genres and acting, further showcasing their versatility.

A Lasting Legacy

Even as the K-Pop industry continues to grow, VIXX’s legacy as pioneers of concept-driven music remains unchallenged.

The Starlight Bond

The relationship between VIXX and ST☆RLIGHT is built on mutual respect and admiration, a connection that continues to thrive through every era of their music.

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