VIXX Raises Anticipation with Hyuk’s ‘CONTINUUM’ Teasers

Hyuk Shines in Latest 'CONTINUUM' Concept Photos as VIXX Nears Comeback

VIXX Raises Anticipation with Hyuk's 'CONTINUUM' Teasers


The excitement is palpable as VIXX teases their 11th-anniversary comeback with a series of concept photos spotlighting member Hyuk. Released at the stroke of midnight KST on November 12, these teasers have sent the fan community into a frenzy of anticipation.

‘CONTINUUM’ promises to bring a fresh sound to VIXX’s discography with five new tracks, including “Amnesia,” which takes center stage as the title track. Other songs like “Chemical,” “LILAC,” “Savage,” and “If You Come Tonight” round out what is expected to be a diverse and dynamic mini-album.

With the comeback date set for November 21 at 6 PM KST, VIXX is poised to showcase their evolution as a trio in this highly-anticipated release.

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