VERIVERY Smashes Their 1st-Week Sales Record With “Liminality – EP.LOVE”




VERIVERY is soaring to new heights with their latest release!

Last week, VERIVERY made their comeback with their new single album “Liminality – EP.LOVE” and its catchy title track “Tap Tap.”

According to Hanteo Chart, within just two days, “Liminality – EP.LOVE” had already surpassed 111,000 sales—easily breaking VERIVERY’s previous first-week sales record of 100,259 set by their previous album “SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 3 : WHOLE].”

Hanteo Chart has now reported that “Liminality – EP.LOVE” went on to sell an impressive total of 146,065 copies in the first week of its release (November 14 to 20), marking a new personal record for the group.



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