TWICE’s Sana Ascends as the New Brand Ambassador for Prada

Sana of TWICE Embarks on a New Journey as Prada's Official Endorsement Model

TWICE's Sana Ascends as the New Brand Ambassador for Prada


In a recent announcement that has stirred excitement in the fashion and K-pop circles, TWICE‘s Sana has been officially designated as a brand ambassador for the renowned luxury brand, Prada. This announcement was made public on September 7, through an official post on TWICE’s Twitter account, further solidifying the bond between the artist and the brand.

The accompanying image showcases Sana gracing the ‘Prada Mode Seoul’, an event that marks her first appearance as an official endorsement model for the brand. This collaboration isn’t entirely new, as Sana has been associated with Prada since 2019, but it is the first time she has been formally recognized in this prestigious role.

Sana now joins the elite group of Prada ambassadors, a list that includes notable personalities such as Jaehyun, Song Kang, Koo Kyohwan, Lee Jaeuk, Chun Woohee, Shin Yeeun, and Irene Kim. This collaboration promises to bring a fresh wave of style and elegance, merging the vibrant world of K-pop with the luxurious aura of Prada.

As this partnership unfolds, fans and fashion enthusiasts alike can anticipate a series of glamorous events and campaigns that will encapsulate the synergy between Sana’s vibrant personality and Prada’s timeless elegance. Keep an eye out for more updates on this blossoming collaboration, which is set to add a new dimension to the fashion industry.


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