TWICE Unveils Exciting Tracklist for Upcoming Mini Album ‘With YOU-th’

TWICE's 'With YOU-th': A Glimpse into the New Era of Music

TWICE Unveils Exciting Tracklist for Upcoming Mini Album 'With YOU-th'


K-pop sensation TWICE is all set to make a grand comeback with their latest mini album ‘With YOU-th’, tantalizing fans with a fresh tracklist reveal. The group, known for their captivating music and dynamic performances, has unveiled an array of songs that promise to be a new chapter in their musical journey. The teaser image, released recently, showcases the tracks “I Got You”, “One Spark”, “Rush”, “New New”, “Bloom”, and “You Get Me”, hinting at the diverse and vibrant styles TWICE is celebrated for.

The announcement has sent waves of excitement across the K-pop community, as ‘With YOU-th’ marks TWICE’s 13th mini album, a testament to their enduring popularity and creative evolution. The highlight of the album is the title track “One Spark”, which is expected to showcase TWICE’s unique charm and musical versatility. Fans are also eagerly awaiting the pre-release single “I Got You”, which is anticipated to set the tone for the album’s innovative sound and thematic depth.

Scheduled for release on February 23 KST, ‘With YOU-th’ is poised to be a significant addition to TWICE’s impressive discography, reflecting their growth as artists and solidifying their status as leading figures in the K-pop industry.

Stay tuned and mark your calendars for TWICE’s upcoming musical adventure with ‘With YOU-th’, as the group continues to redefine K-pop with their unique style and infectious energy.

TWICE Unveils Exciting Tracklist for Upcoming Mini Album 'With YOU-th' 002

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