Stray Kids’ “5-STAR” Album: A Billboard 200 Chart Sensation for 13 Weeks

Stray Kids Breaks Records with "5-STAR": A Journey of Unstoppable Success

Stray Kids' "5-STAR" Album: A Billboard 200 Chart Sensation for 13 Weeks


Stray Kids continues to redefine success in the K-pop industry with their latest album “5-STAR”, setting new benchmarks and achieving remarkable milestones on the Billboard charts.

In June, the music world witnessed the meteoric rise of Stray Kids as their “5-STAR” album debuted at the pinnacle of the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart. This monumental debut marked them as the first K-pop group to secure the top spot with their initial three entries, showcasing their growing influence and popularity on a global scale.

Since its release, the “5-STAR” album has maintained a strong foothold in the United States, emerging as the best-selling K-pop album of 2023 based on pure sales. As of the week ending on September 9, the album celebrated its 13th consecutive week on the Billboard 200, securing the 121st position and becoming Stray Kids’ first album to enjoy such a prolonged presence on the chart.

But the accolades don’t stop there. Stray Kids has surpassed renowned groups BLACKPINK and SEVENTEEN, clinching the sixth spot for the most cumulative weeks on the Billboard Artist 100 chart. This achievement follows the footsteps of other prominent K-pop groups like BTS, TXT, NCT 127, EXO, and TWICE. Notably, Stray Kids ascended to the 54th position this week, marking their 33rd non-consecutive week on the chart, a testament to their sustained success and growing fan base.

Furthermore, the “5-STAR” album continues to impress on other Billboard charts. In its 13th week, it held the sixth position on the World Albums chart, while also climbing to the 13th and 15th spots on the Top Current Album Sales and Top Album Sales charts respectively.

As Stray Kids basks in the glory of these achievements, the music industry and fans alike are eager to witness the future heights this dynamic group will reach. With a trajectory marked by relentless success and innovation, Stray Kids is undoubtedly shaping a legacy that transcends boundaries and resonates globally.

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