Stevie Nicks Has A Moon For Lorde

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Stevie Nicks loves Lorde. And Lorde loves Stevie Nicks. So why haven’t the two musical powerhouses ever met and how do we make this happen? Nicks, speaking with Tavi Gevinson for The New Yorker revealed her adoration for the New Zealand sensation.

The feelings appear to be mutual, as Gavinson then presented Nicks with a question from Lorde herself, “my friend Ella [Lorde]”, who wanted to know how Nicks had “stayed in touch with her dreams.”

Nicks told Gavinson that Lorde is a “strange girl” and that her personality and talent will make sure she doesn’t lose that touch:

“I think she’s just as odd as you or me. She’s a strange girl, and so are we. And she’s a really great writer and she’s really good at doing her own recorded stuff.

I don’t think that any real serious songwriter is ever going to have a problem staying connected to the dream world that allows us to write songs.”

Nicks also mentioned that she is yet to meet Lorde, despite how much she enjoys her. In 2019, Nicks played a show in New Zealand that Lorde attended with her parents, and that’s the closest they have come to sharing stories together.

And if these two ever do get to meet, Nicks has a special gift for Lorde, “I have a moon for her, and it’s in a box with a little note, and I’ve never been able to get it to her.” Honestly, that’s exactly what I imagined a gift from Stevie Nicks might be.

Last Summer, Lorde spoke highly of Nicks in an interview with NME, “I think if people still have a huge amount of respect for [my music] in the way that I still think David Byrne is cool as hell or Stevie – these people that just are still doing it and are as cool and relevant as they have you ever been; that is super inspiring to me.”



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