SM Entertainment Clears the Air on Red Velvet’s ‘Chill Kill’ Rumors

SM Entertainment Addresses Red Velvet's Future Amidst 'Chill Kill' Speculations

SM Entertainment Clears the Air on Red Velvet's 'Chill Kill' Rumors


SM Entertainment has officially addressed the swirling rumors regarding ‘Chill Kill’, the anticipated release by the beloved K-pop group Red Velvet. Speculation had mounted among fans following a change in the group’s Instagram profile name to “Happy Ending. It’s Just a Story of us”, coupled with the removal of their ‘Highlight’ videos, leading many to wonder if this signaled the group’s final act.

In a clarifying statement, SM Entertainment reassured fans, “The updated ‘Happy Ending’ phrase in the profile is simply to align with the theme of their new album,” firmly denying any implications that ‘Chill Kill’ represents Red Velvet’s swan song.

Since their debut in 2014, Red Velvet has enjoyed a successful nine-year run, with member Seulgi reportedly being the first to renew her contract with the agency. ‘Chill Kill’ marks a significant return for the group, being their first full-length album in nearly six years, and is eagerly awaited by fans worldwide.

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