Returning to the release radar with his first offering of the year, established force Shogun is back with a remix of Conjure One & Jeza’s new single ‘Wolves at the Door’. The massive rendition reconstructs the original’s syncopated bass pulse and downtempo nature by increasing the intensity, introducing a thumping bassline with a culmination of striking synths. Shogun’s latest offering follows the December release of his original production, ‘Dreamland’. Injecting his signature trance flair into ‘Wolves at the Door,’ the new iteration is now available across all streaming platforms via Black Hole Recordings.

Transforming the darker tones and emotive sensibilities of the original track, Shogun takes ‘Wolves at the Door’ and delivers a club-ready trance hit. The remix sees the addition of a warped bassline, surrounded by a pulsating rhythm. With oscillating synths and a propelling soundscape, Shogun’s rendition adds a new dimension to the track, taking listeners to a hypnotizing atmosphere with layered, pulse-raising percussive elements. Showcasing Shogun’s musical style, he’s delivered another palpably addictive, anthemic hit that is sure to set dance floors ablaze.

“For this remix, I wanted to produce a faster techno, future rave, trance style since ‘Delerium – Silence’ is one of my all-time favorite songs. I drew inspiration from a lot of the Conjure One & Delerium classics so I kept the bpm at a faster pace while minimizing the vocals a bit.. this way it would be ready for the dance floor. I really loved the original, so wanted to keep that emotional aspect but also make it more banging at the same time.” – Shogun



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