Rocky Charts His Solo Journey with ‘ROCKYST’ Album Schedule

The Countdown Begins: Rocky's Solo Debut 'ROCKYST' Unveils Exciting Release Schedule

Rocky Charts His Solo Journey with 'ROCKYST' Album Schedule


Rocky, previously known for his role in ASTRO, is paving his own path with the release of a schedule teaser for his solo debut mini album ‘ROCKYST. ONE FINE DAY Entertainment has shared the roadmap to Rocky’s new musical chapter, which ignites with the reveal of the track list on November 13 KST.

The excitement continues to build with a highlight medley set for November 14, a music video teaser on the 15th, among other teasers leading up to the album release on November 22 KST. ‘ROCKYST’ promises a showcase of six diverse tracks, with the lead single “Lucky Rocky” bringing a retro pop flair with its catchy saxophone riffs and funky guitar lines. The track is an anthem of good fortune that invites listeners to sing and dance along.

Eyes are set on Rocky as he takes a bold step into the spotlight with his official solo debut.

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