ASTRO Profile

ASTRO Profile


ASTRO (아스트로), Fantagio Entertainment’s shining stars, have been illuminating the K-pop universe since their debut. With their catchy tunes and vibrant performances, ASTRO has established a unique presence in the music industry, endearing themselves to fans globally.


The group made their official foray into the music scene on February 23rd, 2016, with the extended play “Spring Up”. Their debut was met with enthusiasm, setting the stage for a career that would see them rise as one of the most promising acts of their generation.

Members’ Contribution

ASTRO showcases the talents of its members: MJ, the group’s powerhouse vocalist; JinJin, the charismatic leader and rapper; Cha Eunwoo, known for his visual appeal and acting skills; and Sanha, the youngest member with a voice that belies his age. Each member brings a distinct personality and skill set, contributing to the group’s colorful and engaging dynamic.

Global Impact and Recognition

ASTRO’s journey has been marked by a series of successful releases and tours, expanding their reach beyond South Korea. Their music resonates with a universal message of joy and youthfulness, earning them a place in the hearts of fans worldwide.


Aroha, the official fandom name, stands for ASTRO Hearts All Fans. This name reflects the deep connection between ASTRO and their fans, a relationship built on mutual love and support.


Beyond the Stage

ASTRO’s members have ventured into various fields, including acting and solo music projects, showcasing their versatility and individual talents.

Resilience in Adversity

Despite the departure of Rocky and the tragic loss of Moonbin, ASTRO has shown remarkable strength and unity, continuing to pursue their passion for music.

Aroha’s Dedication

The unwavering support of Aroha has been a cornerstone of ASTRO’s continued success, with fans rallying around the group through thick and thin.

Cultural Influence

ASTRO has played a significant role in spreading K-pop culture, with member Cha Eunwoo, in particular, becoming a well-known face in dramas and variety shows.

Awards and Recognition

Throughout their career, ASTRO has been recognized with numerous awards, a testament to their talent and the strong bond with their fans.

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