Red Velvet’s ‘Chill Kill’: Ethereal Teasers Build Anticipation for Album Drop

Dive Deep into the Aesthetic: Red Velvet Reveals Conceptual Glimpses for Upcoming 'Chill Kill'

Red Velvet's 'Chill Kill': Ethereal Teasers Build Anticipation for Album Drop


As the clock struck midnight on November 2 KST, Red Velvet once again enchanted their fans by unveiling a series of mesmerizing teaser photographs for their eagerly awaited 3rd studio album ‘Chill Kill. Embodying an essence of celestial allure, each snapshot beautifully accentuates the individual charm of the members, while simultaneously providing a captivating preview of the album’s overarching theme.

With the album set to make its grand debut on November 13 at 6 PM KST, anticipation continues to swell, promising a musical treat for fans worldwide.

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