NCT’s Haechan Set to Resume Activities After Overcoming Shoulder Pain

SM Entertainment Provides Update on Haechan's Health and Future Schedule

NCT's Haechan Set to Resume Activities After Overcoming Shoulder Pain


NCT’s Haechan is ready to return to the spotlight after dealing with shoulder pain. SM Entertainment assures fans that Haechan’s health is stable and that he will be joining NCT Dream for their upcoming promotional activities.

NCT’s talented member, Haechan, is gearing up to rejoin the group’s promotional activities after facing some health challenges. On July 24, SM Entertainment released an update through NCT’s official fan cafe, providing fans with reassuring news regarding Haechan’s health and future schedules.

During the weekend, Haechan had to sit out of some schedules due to shoulder pain, sparking concerns among fans. However, the medical examination results brought relief as there were no major issues with his back or shoulder. The medical staff identified the pain as temporary muscle discomfort. To ensure a swift recovery, Haechan underwent physical therapy, and now, he is ready to step back into the spotlight.

SM Entertainment expressed their commitment to Haechan’s well-being and promised to support him in maintaining a healthy state throughout the upcoming promotional activities with NCT Dream.

Fans can look forward to Haechan’s return, and as he rejoins the group, the excitement for NCT’s upcoming endeavors continues to grow. With Haechan back on board, NCT Dream is set to conquer the stage once again, showcasing their talent and captivating performances.

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