NCT DREAM’s “ISTJ” Album: A Consistent Presence on the Billboard 200

NCT DREAM's "ISTJ" Album: Setting New Benchmarks on the Billboard Charts

NCT DREAM's "ISTJ" Album: A Consistent Presence on the Billboard 200


NCT DREAM has once again proven their mettle in the music industry, achieving a significant milestone with their latest album “ISTJ. The group has managed to maintain a steady presence on the Billboard 200, a testament to their growing popularity and influence in the global music scene.

Just a week ago, the “ISTJ” album made a grand entrance on the Billboard’s prestigious Top 200 Albums chart, securing the 28th spot and marking the group’s highest position to date. This achievement is even more notable considering the album’s initial release in Korea and on digital platforms was on July 17, followed by a physical release in the United States on August 18. Despite the staggered release, the album managed to garner immense attention, making a significant impact on the U.S. charts more than a month after its first appearance.

Adding to their growing list of accomplishments, “ISTJ” has become NCT DREAM’s inaugural album to grace the Billboard 200 for consecutive weeks. As per the data ending on September 9, the album firmly held its position at number 73, showcasing its enduring appeal and success.

This isn’t the group’s initial encounter with the Billboard 200. Their 2022 studio album, “Glitch Mode”, had previously marked a strong debut at the 50th position, a remarkable feat given that at that time, NCT DREAM did not have a U.S. distributor, unlike their sister groups NCT 127 and NCT.

Moreover, “ISTJ” continued to make its presence felt on various other Billboard charts. It retained the fourth position on the World Albums chart and secured the sixth spot on both the Tastemaker Albums and the Top Current Album Sales charts. Furthermore, it achieved the seventh position on the Top Album Sales chart this week.

In a reflection of their escalating popularity, NCT DREAM also secured the 33rd spot on Billboard’s Artist 100 this week, marking their fifth week on this esteemed chart.

As NCT DREAM continues to ascend in the music industry, their recent accomplishments with the “ISTJ” album not only highlight their expanding global influence but also indicate a promising path ahead, filled with more accolades and recognitions. It’s indeed an exhilarating period for NCT DREAM fans, as the group continues to shape the K-pop landscape with their musical expertise and captivating performances.

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