Lady Gaga As Harley Quinn? That’s The Rumor!

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The Joker is coming back to theaters, and for his second act, Joker: Folie a Deux, he’s bringing along some friends for the ride. After director Todd Phillips posted a photo on Instagram of the script cover, the rumor mill began churning, and can you guess who might be added to the cast?

Reports are coming in from everywhere saying that Lady Gaga is in negotiations to join the cast and that she might be taking on the iconic role of Harley Quinn! Want to hear some even crazier news? The sequel to the billion-dollar worldwide smash hit is also supposedly going to be a musical.

That’s right, after taking the huge risk of making a dramatic movie based on Batman’s most famous villain, Phillips and company now have plans to really swing for the fences.

Never intended to start a franchise, Joker was a modestly budgeted dark and moody character piece about the origins of the villain. Set in the 1970s in a decaying Gotham City, it wore its Martin Scorcese influences on its sleeve.

The little movie that was destined to fail ended up being massive, not just earning over one billion dollars worldwide, but also being nominated for a slew of Oscars including Best Picture. Joaquin Phoenix took home the statuette for Best Actor for his performance.

Do you want to see Lady Gaga take on the role of Harley Quinn? It would be the second live-action portrayal of the character in movies, the first of course being Margot Robbie. The character was originally introduced in Batman: The Animated Series and became so popular she was added to the comics, becoming one of the most popular characters.



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