K-pop Male Idols Embrace Skirts: A Nod to Gender-Neutral Fashion

The Rise of Skirt Fashion Among Boy Groups: Breaking Stereotypes and Embracing New Norms

K-pop Male Idols Embrace Skirts: A Nod to Gender-Neutral Fashion


The K-pop industry is no stranger to setting global fashion trends, and the latest wave is all about male idols confidently wearing skirts.

Online platforms are abuzz with discussions centered around this emerging trend. Fans and netizens alike are actively discussing and appreciating the bold fashion statements made by members of renowned boy groups such as BOYNEXTDOOR, TXT, ATEEZ, CIX, Stray Kids, and The Boyz. Many also reminisce about how G-Dragon might have been a pioneer in this trend, showcasing skirts long before it became a hot topic.

This trend isn’t limited to just a few groups. Other notable mentions embracing this style include members from A.C.E., SHINEE, NU’EST, and NCT. The versatility in their choices is evident, with idols sporting everything from half-skirts and full-length ones to innovative styles like skirts layered over pants. The overwhelming response from the online community has been positive, lauding these idols for promoting a more inclusive and gender-neutral approach to fashion.

Netizens’ comments reflect the support and admiration for these idols:

“It shouldn’t matter if they want to wear it and if they can rock it”

“We should at least normalize it”

“I’d say some of these turn heads not because they are skirts but because the designs are so out of this world lol”

“It depends on the styling”
“Their legs look so pretty omg”
“Skirts were originally men’s clothes though”

“I am all in for promoting genderless fashion”
“Some people might feel uncomfortable seeing these but that should not be the case if they wear them more and promote how these looks should also be accepted”
“I like it. I hope that they wear it more freely so that it can be the norm even in our real society”
“I endorse it. Also for physiological purposes, if it is comfortable”
“The designs look fine on stage”
“TXT looks really great in them haha”
“SHINee and TXT really look natural in them”
“I don’t think all the boy group members can rock them but that shouldn’t mean they can’t wear it”
“Skirts aren’t sacred objects belonging to just women, yall lol”

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