From their catchy tunes to their charismatic performances, BOYNEXTDOOR is quickly establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the K-pop industry. As the newest sensation from KOZ Entertainment, their journey is just beginning, but the impact they’ve made is undeniable.


BOYNEXTDOOR, also known by their abbreviation BND, made a grand entrance into the K-pop scene on May 30, 2023. Managed by the renowned KOZ Entertainment, their debut single album “WHO!” was met with much anticipation and quickly garnered attention from fans and critics alike. Their fresh sound and dynamic performances signaled the arrival of a group with immense potential.

Members’ Dynamics

The group boasts a diverse lineup of six talented members, each bringing their unique flair to the ensemble. JAEHYUN, with his captivating vocals; SUNGHO, known for his rap skills; RIWOO, the group’s charismatic dancer; TAESAN, with his all-rounder abilities; LEEHAN, the visual center; and WOONHAK, the maknae with a voice that belies his age. Together, they form a cohesive unit, with each member complementing the others.

Journey to Stardom

While their journey has just begun, BOYNEXTDOOR has already shown promise of becoming one of the next big names in K-pop. Their debut was met with positive reviews, with many praising their musicality and stage presence. With the backing of KOZ Entertainment, a label known for its innovative approach to music, the future looks bright for this young group.


As with any K-pop group, the fans play a crucial role in their success. While the official fandom name is yet to be announced, the support and love they’ve received in such a short time speak volumes about their growing popularity. The bond between BOYNEXTDOOR and their fans is sure to strengthen as they continue their musical journey.


Debut Timing

BOYNEXTDOOR’s debut in May 2023 was strategic, allowing them to introduce themselves just before the summer, a prime time for K-pop comebacks and debuts. Their fresh sound was perfect for the season, setting the stage for their entry into the industry.

KOZ Entertainment’s New Gem

While KOZ Entertainment has managed several artists, BOYNEXTDOOR is one of their first major boy groups. The label’s decision to debut a boy band indicates their confidence in the group’s potential.

Diverse Backgrounds

The members of BOYNEXTDOOR come from various backgrounds and training experiences, bringing a rich tapestry of influences to their music and performances. This diversity is one of their strengths, allowing them to experiment with different genres and styles.

“WHO!” Significance

Their debut album title “WHO!” is not just a catchy name. It poses a question, introducing the group as a mystery and inviting fans to get to know them better. It’s a clever play on their newcomer status in the industry.

Future Collaborations

Given KOZ Entertainment’s network and collaborations with various artists, fans are eagerly anticipating potential collaborations between BOYNEXTDOOR and other renowned artists in the future.

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