Jessi Unveils Vibrant Look in New ‘Gum’ Teaser Photos

Jessi's Fresh Start with MORE VISION Label

Jessi Unveils Vibrant Look in New 'Gum' Teaser Photos


Jessi unveils an electrifying look in her most recent teaser images for ‘Gum’. Capturing attention with her unique, funky style, she rocks green, shaggy pants that perfectly embody the vibe she’s aiming for. ‘Gum’ signifies a milestone in Jessi’s career as it’s her inaugural comeback under Jay Park’s renowned label, MORE VISION. This label switch, which took place in April, opens a new chapter for the rapper. Adding to the excitement, Jessi has also launched her very own official website in conjunction with this release. Stay tuned for Jessi’s ‘Gum’, which is set to captivate audiences on October 25 KST.

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