Jessi Profile

Jessi Profile


Experience the raw energy and fierce attitude of Jessi, a Korean-American rapper and singer who has paved her way in the music industry with unmatched determination and talent.


Jessi, originally debuting under the stage name Jessica H.O., entered the music scene on December 1, 2005, with her single album “Get Up.” Currently affiliated with MORE VISION, Jessi has evolved tremendously as an artist, consistently presenting her strong and independent persona.

Members’ Evolution

Although a soloist, Jessi’s musical journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. She has reinvented herself over the years, transitioning from Jessica H.O. to the bold and confident Jessi we see today.

Achievements and Legacy

From her early days to her current position as a rap and singing powerhouse, Jessi has continually impressed audiences. Her distinctive voice, combined with her fearless attitude, has solidified her place as a significant figure in the K-pop and K-hip-hop scenes.


Jebbies, Jessi’s dedicated fandom, have been a constant source of support and love. They admire her for her authenticity, resilience, and of course, her captivating performances.


Stage Name Evolution

Starting her career as Jessica H.O., Jessi later adopted her current stage name, showcasing her evolution as an artist and her desire for authenticity.

Korean-American Heritage

Jessi’s Korean-American heritage plays a crucial role in her music, allowing her to blend cultures and resonate with a wider audience.

Fearless Persona

Jessi’s bold and unapologetic persona sets her apart in the industry. She is renowned for speaking her mind and advocating for authenticity.

Diverse Discography

Over the years, Jessi’s music has spanned various genres, demonstrating her versatility as an artist.

Affiliation with MORE VISION

Jessi’s collaboration with MORE VISION has opened up new avenues for her, amplifying her reach and influence in the music world.

Early Beginnings

Jessi’s debut in 2005 marked the beginning of a journey filled with challenges and triumphs. Her perseverance has made her a role model for many.

Connection with Jebbies

The bond between Jessi and her fandom, Jebbies, is profound. This relationship is built on mutual respect and admiration, making it one of the most heartwarming aspects of her career.

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