IVE’s Record-Breaking Triple Perfect All-Kills in 2023

IVE Shatters Records with Unprecedented Chart Success

IVE's Record-Breaking Triple Perfect All-Kills in 2023


K-pop group IVE has etched their name in the annals of music history by securing perfect all-kills with three distinct tracks within the same year, a monumental achievement that underscores their dominance on the Korean music charts.

On the afternoon of November 7, IVE’s latest hit “Baddie” clinched the coveted perfect all-kill status, reigning supreme across all significant domestic music charts. This remarkable accomplishment marks IVE’s third song to attain this prestigious accolade in 2023, following the success of “Kitsch” and “I AM.”

IVE’s trailblazing journey has not only placed them as the inaugural group to accomplish this feat but has also positioned them alongside solo artist IU, who was previously the sole artist to achieve perfect all-kills with three songs in a single year.

Moreover, IVE has equaled TWICE‘s record as the girl group with the highest number of songs to secure perfect all-kills. “Baddie” joins the ranks of IVE’s hits “After LIKE,” “Kitsch,” and “I AM,” each of which has dominated the charts with a perfect all-kill.

IVE's Record-Breaking Triple Perfect All-Kills in 2023

A certified all-kill is bestowed upon a song that captures the number one spot on Melon’s daily and Top 100 charts, Genie and Bugs’ daily and realtime charts, YouTube Music’s Top Songs chart, VIBE’s daily chart, and the realtime charts of FLO and iChart. Achieving a perfect all-kill further entails topping iChart’s weekly chart, solidifying a song’s universal acclaim and popularity.

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