Hybrid Minds Team Up With Birdy for ‘State Lines’ from Forthcoming EP



One of my all-time favorite drum & bass songs is the Nu:Logic remix of “Wings” by Birdy. It’s not even available on Spotify, so every once in a while I’ll head to MrSuicideSheep to listen and cry a little. So when I got word of Hybrid Minds teaming up with Birdy on their new single, “State Lines,” to say I was excited was an understatement.

To say it was worth the wait, even moreso.

Hybrid Minds are one of the world’s hottest D&B acts right now, looking forward to a headline performance at Webley Arena and a forthcoming EP, Tides: Part 1. “State Lines” gives fans a taste along with the recently-released “Better Now” of what’s to come.

Matt Lowe of Hybrid Minds describes the creative process of working with the singer, “We’ve been huge fans of Birdy since we can remember and to finally be able to get into the studio with her was nothing short of amazing, we gel really well creatively and we are hyped people can finally hear the results!”

Listen below!




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