Hi I’m Ghost Unveils ‘Raveyard’ EP



The haunted dubstep duo Hi I’m Ghost embarks on a ghoulish adventure with their new ‘Raveyard’ EP, a supernatural four-track effort plotted as the latest release to arrive courtesy of the Bassrush Records crew.

Some people may stake their lives on the claim that the party doesn’t end until a fresh mound of dirt is covering their casket. However, the SoCal bass outfit (purportedly two parts human and one-part apparition) would beg to differ. At least that appears to be the main message etched onto the tombstone of their debut EP for Bassrush. Clocking in at a total of four ghostly dubstep tracks, the ‘Raveyard’ EP is a playful yet unforgivingly heavy set of tracks hellbent on keeping the good times rolling well beyond the grave.

They bulldoze out of the ground at breakneck speed, setting the pace with the high-energy hijinks living throughout the title cut. A spooky intro is quickly cut short by a tongue-in-cheek vocal melody, mouthing the harmonies of old-school rave stabs until the full fury of the bone-crushing gravekeeper reclaims for cemetery for itself.

“Land of the Dead” continues to collect bodies on sight. An ominous opening slowly trickles in like a thick fog of death, eventually dissipating to reveal the unrelenting riddim-powered boom-and-doom energy of a track that has proved to be a consistent crusher in the gang’s set as of late.

Vancouver-based Jiqui makes a cameo on “Snare Song,” the one and only collab accounted for on the EP. They exchange the rail-crashing bombast to explore a groovier dimension that brings the wrath in its own unique way. Sinister strings plucks and spooky vocalizations prance around the burial spot, while exotic woodwind melodies shapeshift into croaking synth juggles and spoken-word samples paying respects to a hip-hop legend.

Rounding out the release is the final track “Forever,” which has been resurrected from the fifth installment of the label’s ‘Prophecy’ compilation back in February. The acid-flecked cut adds a touch of melody to the affair, while still digging through the jaw-dropping filth littered across the rest of the release.

“The entire RAVEYARD EP came together very naturally. For us, the title track sets the scene of an eerie and spooky vibe but keeps it fun. ‘Land of the Dead’ has been one of our favorite tracks to play live for months; the second drop fake-out is just an incredible experience live. ‘Snare Song’ was the first time we got to work with Jiqui. He is an incredible producer, and we wanted to experiment with what we could both do. “Forever” was hella fun for us to write—it shows a slightly different side of where we can go creatively with bass music. Also, it’s just super fun to hum the melody and the drop.”

From head-banging to toe-tagging, the entire ‘Raveyard’ EP mirrors the fun-loving but lethal ethos of one of the most exciting acts currently wandering through the living realm.

Hi I’m Ghost’s new ‘Raveyard’ EP is available everywhere via Bassrush Records. 



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