helloworld Unveils New Single dive in



In the wake of his recent debut appearance on Bassrush Records, the explosive melodic bass talent helloworld is making a second splash in the form of his follow-up single “dive in.” 

Less than a couple of months ago, the glitch-powered producer broke away from his signature emotion-stirring songwriting to slam things out on the more aggressive expanses of the bass spectrum. His first attempt went off with flying colors. There was a refreshing quality sitting at the core of “warning signs,” the release he kicked down for the Bassrush crew in February. After such a stupendous change of pace, the water was looking way too fine for helloworld to not want to take another dip.

His sophomore cut goes by the name of “dive in,” and it’s a continuation of the 8-bit trap carnage he got into the first time around. Peeling back the aggression ever-so gently to make room for a moody vocal hook, the futuristic cut contains ripples of bit-crushed melodies that come in waves around the sweet crash of his crunchy sound design. It’s definitely its own breed of bass music, yet with all the trappings of a helloworld affair.

“When I was writing ‘dive in,’ I was trying to create a heavy and crazy sounding track through the lens of everything I want helloworld to be: glitchy, cool, playful, and colorful,” he says. “This is the result.”

After assessing the damage from these back-to-back singles, it’s undeniable that helloworld is capable of creating some brain-busting tracks right alongside the best of them.

helloworld’s new single “dive in” is available everywhere via Bassrush Records.



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