Hardwell Conjures “BLACK MAGIC” In Fourth Single From “Rebels Never Die” Album

Hardwell's "BLACK MAGIC" continues right where his heated third single, "F*CKING SOCIETY," left off.



Hardwell’s forthcoming REBELS NEVER DIE album continues to unfurl with the producer conjuring up another menacing single, “BLACK MAGIC.”

Hardwell’s comeback saga has been nothing short of a subversion of expectations. His reveal of an ominous new aesthetic and his techno-laden set to close out Ultra Music Festival spoke volumes as to where he sees his future.

Hot off the release of the album’s heated third single, “F*CKING SOCIETY,” Hardwell continues to storm the gates with another thumping track, “BLACK MAGIC.” The song’s twangy bassline forges a spirited rhythm as the broader sonic spectrum unfolds into a melodically dense concoction of reverberating synths and cinematic strings.

Despite being a vastly instrumental effort, Hardwell’s use of vocals on “BLACK MAGIC” and REBELS NEVER DIE in general has felt strategic and well-thought-out. In “BLACK MAGIC,” the unemotional incantations, dark vocal imagery, and inscrutable whispers contribute a distinctly haunting atmosphere in the mix that plays well with the broader mood of the album thus far.



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