Gladkill Reveals 5-Track Wave-Laced ‘Cold Comfort’ EP on Records


Gladkill has graced the electronic scene with Cold Comfort EP. The collection of works shares immersive wave releases that bring the listener to a fantasy-like space. Energizing, technical, and alluring with its dark vibes intact, there is much that is offered across the entirety of the EP. Whether it be the easy to follow nature that sounds like “Wolds Inside,” has to offer. Or the more suspenseful energy of “The Way You Like,” Cold Comfort EP offers a solid introduction to Gladkill if you’ve never experienced it.

Gladkill has been in the game for years, having produced a variety of genres that have positioned him for where he’s at today. He takes pride in his diverse history, his past practice helping him tackle more hurdles in 2022. The man has over 1 million streams to his name and counting, with releases on Start The Stop Records, Foundation Records, and of course Records.

Keep an eye on what Gladkill does next, you won’t be disappointed.



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