(G)I-DLE’s “HEAT” Makes a Splash on Billboard Charts

(G)I-DLE's English EP Achieves Remarkable Milestones on the Billboard Rankings

(G)I-DLE's "HEAT" Makes a Splash on Billboard Charts


(G)I-DLE continues to impress, achieving notable milestones on the U.S. music charts with their groundbreaking English-language EP. On October 16, Billboard reported that the group’s English EP “HEAT” had secured a spot at No. 25 on its prestigious Top 200 Albums chart, showcasing the most sought-after albums in the U.S.

This entry marks (G)I-DLE’s premiere appearance within the top 25 of the Billboard 200. It’s worth noting their past successes as well; the 2022 mini album “I love” peaked at No. 71, while “I feel” reached No. 41.

Beyond the Billboard 200, “HEAT” made its presence felt by ranking No. 2 on both the Top Album Sales and Top Current Album Sales charts for the week. This significant achievement indicates that it stands as the second top-selling album for the week in the U.S.

Further amplifying their success, (G)I-DLE found themselves back on Billboard’s Artist 100, securing a position at No. 13. This week’s entry denotes their fourth appearance on this particular chart. With these accomplishments, it’s evident that (G)I-DLE’s global impact and musical resonance are growing stronger.

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