(G)I-DLE Profile

(G)I-DLE Profile


Embark on a mesmerizing journey with (G)I-DLE, a quintet that has consistently demonstrated versatility and innovation since their debut. Renowned for their distinctive sound and magnetic performances, (G)I-DLE has successfully carved their niche in the K-pop landscape.


Formed under CUBE Entertainment, (G)I-DLE graced the music scene on May 2, 2018, with their introductory mini album, “I Am.” Their music, filled with individuality and passion, resonates with fans globally, making them one of the standout acts in recent years.

Members’ Evolution

(G)I-DLE comprises Miyeon, Minnie, Soyeon, Yuqi, and Shuhua. Each member brings a unique flair, talent, and aura to the group, collectively crafting the unmistakable identity of (G)I-DLE.

Achievements and Legacy

With their signature music and powerful performances, (G)I-DLE has established a commendable reputation. Their global reach is further amplified through their partnership with 88rising for international promotions.


NEVERLAND, the fandom name, signifies a magical realm where dreams, passion, and love for (G)I-DLE are endless. These dedicated fans form the backbone of (G)I-DLE’s ever-growing success, celebrating every milestone and achievement with the group.


Stylization of the Name

(G)I-DLE’s unique name styling, which can also be represented as IDLE (아이들), exemplifies their creativity and showcases their distinct brand in the music industry.

Partnership with 88rising

To amplify their global outreach, (G)I-DLE signed with 88rising, ensuring a broader audience gets to experience their music.

Leader’s Role

Soyeon, apart from being the leader, is recognized for her exceptional skills in songwriting and producing, making significant contributions to the group’s discography.

Diverse Origins

Members like Minnie and Yuqi hail from Thailand and China, respectively, adding a touch of international flair to the group and diversifying their music influences.

Not Just Singers

Beyond their vocal talents, members of (G)I-DLE are accomplished dancers, rappers, and even songwriters, showcasing their all-rounded capabilities.


(G)I-DLE has collaborated with several renowned artists and producers, both within and outside Korea, further solidifying their position in the global music scene.

Distinctive Concepts

Throughout their career, (G)I-DLE has embraced a range of music concepts, from powerful and fierce to soft and ethereal, displaying their versatility and adaptability.

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