(G)I-DLE Achieves 4th Highest 1st-Week Sales Of Any Girl Group In Hanteo History With “I Feel”


(G)I-DLE is now the artist with the fourth-highest first-week sales in Hanteo history!

Last week, (G)I-DLE made their return with their new mini album “I feel” and its catchy title track “Queencard” on May 15. Less than six days later, “I feel” had already become (G)I-DLE’s first album ever to surpass 1 million sales (according to Hanteo Chart data).

Hanteo Chart has now reported that the mini album went on to sell an amazing total of 1,163,395 copies in the first week of its release (May 15 to 21)—nearly doubling (G)I-DLE’s previous first-week sales record of 678,652 (set by their mini album “I love” last year).

With this achievement, “I feel” has become the girl group album with the fourth-highest first-week sales in Hanteo history, bested only by aespa‘s “MY WORLD,” BLACKPINK‘s “BORN PINK,” and LE SSERAFIM’s “UNFORGIVEN.”

“I feel” is also only the sixth girl group album in Hanteo history to sell over a million copies in its first week, following aespa’s “Girls,” BLACKPINK’s “BORN PINK,” IVE’s “I’ve IVE,” LE SSERAFIM’s “UNFORGIVEN,” and aespa’s “MY WORLD.”


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