ENHYPEN’s ‘Orange Blood’ Triumphs with Over a Million Sales on Day One

ENHYPEN's 'Orange Blood' Shatters Records with Its Debut

ENHYPEN's 'Orange Blood' Triumphs with Over a Million Sales on Day One


In a remarkable display of their growing dominance in the K-pop industry, ENHYPEN has once again demonstrated their commercial prowess with the release of their 5th mini album ‘Orange Blood. The album, which hit the shelves on November 17, has already seen an unprecedented number of sales, totaling 1,383,292 copies on the very first day, according to Hanteo Chart data.

This remarkable feat not only signifies the group’s steady rise in popularity but also solidifies ‘Orange Blood’ as a new benchmark for success, surpassing the entire first-week sales figures of their previous mini album ‘Dark Blood’.

With ‘Dimension : Dilemma’, ‘Manifesto : Day 1’, ‘Dark Blood’, and now ‘Orange Blood’, ENHYPEN’s discography boasts an impressive roster of million-selling albums. The lead single “Sweet Venom” from the latest album entices with its vivid portrayal of love’s captivating allure, promising to be yet another hit for the group.

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