ENHYPEN, a name that resonates with fervor and anticipation, stands as a paragon of aspiration, growth, and unity in the K-pop domain. Originating from the rigorous trials of the reality survival show I-LAND, their rise from earnest competitors to renowned K-pop idols showcases their unwavering dedication and magnetic charm.


Born from the passionate challenges of the survival show I-LAND, ENHYPEN was unveiled to the world by BE:LIFT Lab, a joint venture between CJ ENM and HYBE. Their momentous debut on November 30th, 2020, with the mini album “BORDER: DAY ONE,” signaled a fresh and exhilarating chapter in the K-pop narrative.

Members’ Evolution

ENHYPEN, a tapestry of seven distinctive talents, includes: Heeseung, with his impeccable leadership qualities; Jay, known for his enigmatic presence; Jake, with his captivating aura; Sunghoon, the embodiment of grace; Sunoo’s infectious energy; Jungwon’s dynamic versatility; and Ni-ki, the group’s maknae, with dance moves that defy gravity. Each member, possessing a unique flair, combines to offer breathtaking performances that captivate audiences worldwide.

Project Group Dynamics

Under the aegis of BE:LIFT Lab, a subsidiary of the renowned HYBE Corporation, ENHYPEN treads a path meticulously crafted for excellence. Their journey is not just about individual growth but a collective evolution where each milestone, be it a song or performance, is a reflection of their shared dreams and aspirations.


ENGENE, the official fandom, signifies the engine that propels ENHYPEN to greater heights. This name represents not just fans but co-travelers on ENHYPEN’s journey, providing unyielding support and love. Just as an engine powers a vehicle, ENGENE drives ENHYPEN’s passion, ambition, and dreams.


Name’s Deep Meaning

The name ENHYPEN, a blend of an en dash and a hyphen, symbolizes the idea of connecting and bridging. Much like their name, the members aim to forge connections, discover one another, and collectively evolve to new heights.

I-LAND: The Beginning

Every member displayed unmatched talent and determination on the stages of I-LAND, earning their spot in the final line-up. This platform not only spotlighted their individual skills but charted the beginning of their collective journey as ENHYPEN.

A Global Ensemble

With members hailing from diverse backgrounds and cultures, ENHYPEN’s music transcends borders, resonating with fans globally and adding a unique touch to their artistry.

“BORDER: DAY ONE”: An Epoch Start

Their debut mini album “BORDER: DAY ONE” encapsulates the group’s journey, emotions, and the beginning of a saga that promises passion, growth, and countless memories.

Growth Beyond Borders

While the group’s name signifies connection, their journey so far has been about breaking barriers, transcending borders, and establishing a global footprint in the world of K-pop.

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