ENHYPEN’s ‘ORANGE BLOOD’ Tops Circle Album Chart on Debut

ENHYPEN's Latest Release 'ORANGE BLOOD' Hits Number One on Circle

ENHYPEN's 'ORANGE BLOOD' Tops Circle Album Chart on Debut


ENHYPEN has once again climbed to the pinnacle of the Circle weekly album chart, reaffirming their status in the K-pop industry.

With the November 23 KST update from the Circle Album Chart (formerly known as the Gaon chart), ENHYPEN’s freshly dropped 5th mini-album ‘ORANGE BLOOD’ took the charts by storm, clinching the No. 1 position immediately upon its release on the 17th. The album boasts an impressive 1,625,160 units sold in its debut week, not accounting for the sales of the album’s Weverse version.

Celebrating their 5th consecutive No. 1 album on the Circle chart, ENHYPEN has now triumphantly crossed the 9 million mark in cumulative album sales, further cementing their influence and popularity on the Circle chart.

ENHYPEN's 'ORANGE BLOOD' Tops Circle Album Chart on Debut

This surge in album sales not only exemplifies ENHYPEN’s escalating popularity but also underscores the burgeoning K-pop scene’s impact on global music charts. As ENHYPEN continues to release hit after hit, their upward trajectory in the music world seems unstoppable.

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