Ed Sheeran Promises A “Curveball” Is On The Way

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Ed Sheeran has big plans. Not only is he prepping for his recently announced 2023 “Mathematics” stadium tour of New Zealand and Australia, but he also has one major surprise planned – and it’s coming very soon!

During a recent interview with Project NZ in New Zealand to promote his tour, Sheeran revealed he has a surprise planned for the end of this month. And that surprise has nothing to do with his recent string of albums that have been mathematically titled.

Sheeran admitted during the interview that he has a “face for radio” and never wanted to sell his music by leaning into being a lady’s man. Instead, he discovered he could use math and symbols, even though he isn’t a fan of numbers:

“So I had sort of figured out a way [to do] it with colors and symbols. I was like, ‘I’d love to get to a point that there’s a billboard of just red with an equals sign, or green with a multiply, or blue with a divide or orange with a plus, and people go, Oh, Ed’s got a new album coming out.’”

The interviewer couldn’t help but ask whether or not Sheeran’s next album would be titled Minus (-), and that’s when the “curveball” came, “That’s not gonna be the next record I put out.

“I’ve got something else that’s a bit more of a curveball. We’ve got the first thing of it dropping in 10 days. There’s gonna be something coming out. I don’t think it’s gonna be a massive hit in New Zealand though, I’ve got to be honest. It’s more gonna be a big hit somewhere else. When you hear it you’ll understand.”



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