Colin Peterik’s Latest Track’, ‘Michiana’ Is A Rock/Soul Masterpiece

Last month we introduced readers to Colin Peterik, and his incredible cover of Lana Del Rey’s song, ‘West Coast’. Now he returns with his own composition, the whimsical ‘Michiana’.


Colin grew up in the music industry, the son of Survivor founder, Jim Peterik. He’s been immersed in the music scene from well before he could say his first words – but under the wing, not in the shadow, of his famous father. The multi-layered sound of this Chicago rocker blends modern pop with the deep roots of psychedelic rock and indie.

In his album, ‘Everything and Nothing’, Colin Peterik draws out glorious melodies by way of introspective songwriting, and in ‘Michiana’, we are pulled into his imagination, that finds its inspiration in the area centred on South Bend, Indiana, that region that borders Northern Indiana and South-Western Michigan.

Using funky guitar, and laid-back melodies, along with a chorus that is packed full of soul, Colin has given the world a song with a timeless quality that is as breezy as it is chilled-out, and the lyrics tell a story of escaping to another time and place, where you can lose yourself in nature, and inward looking.

The video for ‘Michiana’ is as breath-taking as the song itself, with Colin performing on the shore, interspersed with shots of him at the skatepark. ‘Michiana’ is beautifully crafted and could easily lend itself to the ending of a movie – roll credits!





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