City And Colour’s Dallas Green Goes Hardcore In His Return To Alexisonfire

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Known across the globe for his solo work as City and Colour, Dallas Green actually got his first big break in the music industry with hardcore band Alexisonfire. Now, after over a decade, he’s gotten the band back together for a brand new album, Otherness.

The album, which was announced back in March, is set to release at the end of June. This week the single “Reverse the Curse” hit airwaves, and if anyone was concerned that years as a solo musician had made Green soft, well, it hasn’t.

Speaking on the new track, vocalist George Petit told heavy Consequence that the riff has been around 2006:

“Some riffs stick around for a while until they make sense. This song has existed in one form or another since Crisis. There was even a version that we used as the original ‘Young Cardinals’ but that one wasn’t meant to be. It found its way to creation during our COVID rehearsals and I’m glad it’s finally coming to light.”

Otherness will feature 10 new songs, all self-produced by Alexisonfire in about a week. Prepping to go on tour, Petit said the decision to make new music was easy:

“[We] didn’t want to be a nostalgia act. The only reason to come back is if we feel we still have something to say. We spent so much time on the road thinking that if we stopped, people would lose interest. But when we went away, it only got bigger. We all carved new paths for ourselves, so coming back to Alexisonfire is a purely enjoyable creative venture. Something special happens when we get in a room together.”


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