Chassi Drops Fiery Head Banging Single, ‘The Fight’


Los Angeles native and bass music producer, Chassi has one mission: to help people who are struggling overcome the challenges they face. Chassi has quickly become one of the most exciting names in bass music through his powerful sound and electrifying live sets. The producer exploded onto the scene in 2020 and hasn’t looked back, with releases on major labels like Subsidia and DPMO. Chassi’s project combines the ethereal sounds of heavy and melodic bass music to create a sound that is pushing the limits of the genres. He has even released official remixes for ATLiens and Riot Ten, and has collabs released with heavy hitters such as Funtcase and HE$H.

Now, he’s back with a booming single titled “The Fight“and it’s one for the books. Fueled by explosive synths, hard hitting vocals, and razor sharp cutting-edge sounds, it’s safe to say Chassi has delivered on creating another perfect peak time track. “The Fight” is an immediate crowd pleasure and definitely a head-banging tune, already earning support of the dubstep king Excision.

Here’s what Chassi had to say about it:

“The Fight is a new chapter in my life as I am telling my life story through the warrior eyes. Growing up, I was super depressed, always got bullied everyday & at most times was suicidal. When I almost gave up on myself, I had to find the strength to fight for my own life as a warrior would & let everyone know that enough is enough. With the aggressive “I JUST DONT GIVE A” vocal, it shows that I will no longer back down & need to stand up for myself & do what’s right!”

“The image that I am always pushing is that no one’s ever alone & when you think everything is going down & life is over, IT’S NOT! We all need to come together & fight for what we love & believe in. We all need to be there for one another & make sure everything is ok. With this generation being super self-centered, My goal here is to change that. I want everyone to be able to love one another, spread good vibes/memories & to let you know that if you fight & stand up for yourself, you will win & you will achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of! YOU’RE NOT ALONE!”

Listen below!



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