Camila Cabello Has “Immersive” TikTok Experience Planned To Preview Her New Album

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Camila Cabello has a new album coming out, and to celebrate the occasion with her fans, she has planned an “immersive” TikTok experience. The event, created to showcase Familia, will take place on April 7, the day before the album is set to release.

During the experience, Cabello will give audiences “the first-ever live performances” from her new album.

The online appearance is being described as, “a fantastical trip through the artist’s mind, with shifting sets and costumes designed to complement the music.”

The event description also goes into detail about how the event was designed, “The performance was created using eye-popping XR, augmenting Camila’s singing and choreography with immersive visual effects bringing Camila’s creativity to her fans like never before.”

Speaking with NME about her upcoming third album, Cabello said she wanted it to be a family affair, “because it would make me happy. It would make my life better and that’s what I want, so that’s really what I was trying to manifest with this whole album.”

She added that her being in Miami around family and speaking Spanish more regularly brought her back to her roots. It’s that energy and emotion she tried to capture on Familia.

The rise to solo stardom has been a fast one for Cabello, who left Fifth Harmony in 2016 and has released two albums since, with the third coming in just a few weeks. In 2018 she struck gold with the single, “Senorita,” which was the most streamed song on Spotify for the year.

Also important to Cabello is her job as a role model to her little sister, “I don’t really shy away from that term, and I think it’s because I have a little sister who’s 12. So I’m like, always thinking ‘I hope I’m making her proud and talking about the right things’. But I think it’s also very my personality, too. Whatever my values are, I hold onto them really strongly.”

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for April 7 so you can be there to experience the TikTok reveal of Camila Cabello’s new album Familia!



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