Brondo Drops Electrifying 2nd Studio Album, ‘Concrete Jungle’



Brondo exploded onto the scene in 2019 with his debut show, sold out – Denver CO. Since then, Brondo has been committed to creating a unique and unforgettable experience for the fans who would soon become the start of his very own tribe, the “Bass Troop”. Brondo’s bass infused sound has resonated throughout EDM’s biggest stages. Landing him performances at Red Rocks, Lost Lands, Ubbi Dubbi, Decadence, Imagine Music Festival and many more.

Now, he’s back with his 2nd studio album titled, Concrete Jungle, and the result is of epic proportions. He initially teased three singles, “Dick Twist,” “Push Somebody,” and “The King,” which revealed a blend of jaw-rattling riddim and dubstep that bass-fans have been primed to obsess over. The album is a 12-track excursion that continues to put on display the unrelenting talent and creativity that courses through Brondo’s veins. Each song delivers its own headbanging experience, but a few stand outs for us include the title track, boasting a drop that feels like the equivalent of about 20 shots of espresso.

“Gorilla Pimpin” is a beast of a song, taking you on a journey where you think you know the end destination, only to jolt in a completely new direction by the time the drop hits. “Letting Go” shows a more melodic side to Brondo, seamlessly weaving heavy bass and future bass elements together for a truly beautiful song.

Listen to Brondo’s Concrete Jungle below!



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