BOYNEXTDOOR Unveils ‘HOW?’ Mini Album Tracklist

A Glimpse into BOYNEXTDOOR's 'HOW?' Album Tracks

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BOYNEXTDOOR Unveils 'HOW?' Mini Album Tracklist


Excitement is mounting in the K-Pop realm as BOYNEXTDOOR, the dynamic group known for their unique sound, has revealed the tracklist for their much-anticipated second mini album, ‘HOW?’. Set for release on April 15 KST, the album promises a rich tapestry of musical styles and lyrical depth.

The album ‘HOW?’ comprises an impressive array of songs, including “Our“, “Amnesia“, and the mesmerizing “So Let’s Go See the Stars“. The title track “Earth, Wind, & Fire” is particularly awaited by fans, expected to encapsulate the group’s evolving musical identity. Other tracks like “Life is Cool“, “Dear. My Darling“, and the English version of “Earth, Wind, & Fire” further demonstrate the diverse range BOYNEXTDOOR brings to the table.

This revelation of the tracklist has ignited fans’ curiosity and enthusiasm, offering a preview into the creative journey that BOYNEXTDOOR has undertaken for ‘HOW?’. Each track hints at the group’s commitment to exploring new sounds and themes, underscoring their position as innovators in the K-Pop industry.

With ‘HOW?’, BOYNEXTDOOR continues to push the boundaries of their musical narrative, promising an album that resonates with both their artistic vision and the hearts of their listeners. As the release date nears, anticipation is building for what is set to be a significant addition to the K-Pop landscape in 2024.

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