BamBam’s Spectacular São Paulo Show: AREA 52 Tour 2024

BamBam's Brazilian Debut: A Landmark Event in São Paulo

BamBam's Spectacular São Paulo Show: AREA 52 Tour 2024


Brazilian K-pop fans are in for a treat as BamBam, a member of the famed GOT7, gears up for his solo show in São Paulo, part of his 2024 AREA 52 World Tour. The concert promises a night of immersive music, captivating performances, and the unique energy that BamBam brings to the stage. Scheduled for March 5, 2024, at Vibra São Paulo, the show marks a significant moment for Brazilian K-pop enthusiasts.

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BamBam's Brazilian DebutBamBam’s São Paulo concert will feature various ticket categories, including VIP options that offer an exclusive encounter with the artist. Organized by GIG Music and HANGAR110, leaders in entertainment production, the show is set to be an unforgettable experience for fans.

As the concert date approaches, anticipation builds among fans, not just of GOT7 but the entire K-pop community. With a career spanning numerous hits and a global fan base, BamBam’s Brazilian show at Vibra São Paulo is expected to be a spectacular celebration of K-pop culture.

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About GIG Music and HANGAR110

GIG Music Brazil
GIG Music

HANGAR110 Brazil

GIG Music, a leading Brazilian entertainment company, is renowned for producing high-quality musical events, bringing famous artists to Brazilian audiences. HANGAR110, known for its top-notch entertainment productions, adds to the allure of this event.

About BamBam (GOT7)

BamBam's Brazilian Debut

BamBam in Brazil

BamBam, a Thai artist and member of GOT7, is celebrated for his versatility in singing, dancing, and charismatic stage presence. His concert in Brazil is set to be another unforgettable chapter in his career and a testament to K-pop’s vibrant culture in the country.


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